Louise Honey

I am always developing my own skills and connections within a variety of projects and am currently...

+ Working with a selection of independent business owners, assisting with digital marketing and creative direction

+ Working part-time as copywriter/content creator for Flatspot & Always In Colour

+ A freelance Facilitator & Activity Designer for the AYCH Project, Plymouth Hub

+ One of a trio of directors for the PLAAY Studio collective


(2011 - 2014) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Performance Sportswear Design, Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK

(2009 - 2011) BTEC ND Fashion & Textiles, Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth, UK

Freelance consultant for conscious design insight, direction and business development.

Based in South Devon, England. 

Contact: louisehny@gmail.com

I was raised with an appreciation for independent design, craftsmanship and bespoke items which has directly influenced my career path within the creative industry. With a particular focus on apparel and lifestyle, whether it is through reading, day to day experiences, collaborations, being creative in my free time or watching films, I am constantly absorbing information and aesthetic guidance from a variety of sources which inspire me to endeavour into my own self directed projects and freelance work.​​

I enjoy learning the stories of others, their ideas and vision and am particularly drawn to those following circular, sustainable and conscious design strategies. I feel that these are the future and crucial if we wish to keep designing and enjoying successful products that capture the right attention. I relish in discussing ideas, researching, observing and discovering new and emerging communities of admirable creatives working across a variety of fields. This motivates me to act as a guide to others who are finding their path within design by helping them to solidify their vision through content creation and thoughtful marketing technique, whilst also celebrating their own unique skills and style.

I am passionate about the past and future of design and am proudly a part of a global collective of creatives who are working hard to harmonize their methods with nature for the sake of environmental protection and self expression.

In my free time you can find me spending time by the coast, maintaining an awareness of current trends and demands, studying vintage design, learning about holistic wellbeing and self development, watching classic films and expanding my Spotify library.

Menswear / Womenswear / Lifestyle / Future Design

Sustainability / Fashion History / Innovation / Bio Design

Courses & Residencies

(2020) edX: Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy.

(2020) Future Learn:  Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World
(2019) AYCH Creative Residency Santo Tirso, Portugal
(2017) Finisterre, Design Team Intern, St Agnes, Cornwall, UK