A Familiar Weekend in

Falmouth, Cornwall

It always feels right returning to Falmouth, a sense of familiarity, comfort and nostalgia is hard to describe but every few months I get a craving for that warmth feeling that comes with spending some time with familiar faces in Cornwall. The rich creativity in the nooks and crannies within the town and surrounding areas never fails to inspire me, alongside meeting at least one new person every time and the guaranteed friendliness that comes with it. It’s always bittersweet leaving, the tear between a place that is so easy to fall back into and to make home versus new adventure… although I have no doubt this place will be home for me again at some point.


The weekend started with a refreshing coastal walk before dinner at Stones, we caught up on what we were all up to in our lives, how we’re finding different cities, jobs and side projects. The evenings we spent on the barge which Rosa calls home, with the fire lit and poor (but not complaining) wifi access. Whilst Amelia and Rosa were on a photoshoot the next day, myself and Milly discussed a collaboration, before strolling town and watching a film in the evening. We already know the area, so there’s never too much of a need to go and do something new unless it’s a new coastal path, and the weekend ended with a generous roast which welcomed more friends and warmth.