Colour For Wellness: Chroma TV

The idea of colour for wellness is something that has been playing on my mind recently, following a personal change in working setup (like many others) and a greater desire for self expression in spaces where I am now spending the majority of my time in support of boosting creativity and positivity. I will be delving into more detail about the idea of ‘colour for wellness’ over the coming weeks whilst referencing some of my favorite new finds from specialists and those in the know. 

Last week saw London based yoga studio ChromaYoga introduce introductory videos for their ‘Chroma Tv’ service which translates their regular in-person classes into a virtual setting in reaction to restrictions of the pandemic. A welcomed decision from those like myself who can’t make regular classes but have attended a session in the Shoreditch studio previously, you’ll notice the studios signature colour coded flows have been incorporated and reflect a focus on how different colours can assist in wellbeing by enhancing energy levels, improving sleep and alleviating mood swings.

It finally feels like that seemingly unnecessary colour changing, energy saving light bulb I own can now be put to use. I am particularly keen to put this into practise over the winter months, which ChromaYoga suggests a blue class for, seeing as variations of the tone are proven to control our sleep cycles (hence the push on stepping away from blue screen lights before bedtime), whilst boosting productivity and alleviating mood swings.

Available to watch on their website and YouTube, the distinctive intro adds a definitive vibe to each video and reflects ChromaYoga’s online personality - the futuristic transcendent vibe reminds me of recent campaigns by California based Brain Dead which carry subtle references to vintage predictions of the world we now live in, and feel particularly relevant for 2020’s dramatic shifts and historical events. 


I don’t know about you, but I feel it is a breath of fresh air to see yoga studios walk their own path when it comes to their online presence and opening up the practise to all. Enabling us to find the style and setting we prefer most and ultimately allowing a greater number of the population to reap the benefits of taking time out from the day to breathe and rebalance, the amount of free materials available online at the moment is really wonderful.

With more classes set to be made available online through a subscription service, stay tuned on Chroma Yoga socials for more info.