1. Whilst I was gathering trend research for next year I came across a post of Lisbon streetstyle shots taken during the SS21 presentations via Fucking Young. There's a great mix of personalities and looks but one that particularly caught my eye was this simple cap and earring combo. 

2. *cover image via the Bode instagram.

Tailor-made in New York City and one of a kind, Bode uses antique fabrics, Victorian quilts, grain sacks, and bed linen decorated with embroidery, applique and hand painted artwork to create their designs, which vary in look but each share a charming personality that emphasises the possibilities of using off-cut fabrics to help tell an individual story, whilst also looking great. Obviously it's quite rare for a luxury menswear brand to operate in a way by offering only a small number of each piece which has been cut and sewn in NYC, but that has only furthered the brand's popularity and hype further, especially since pieces have been seen worn by the likes of Jay Z and Harry Styles. Founded and run by Emily Bode, the brand was the first female-owned label to show at NYFW: MEN’S and continues to demonstrate the success of working against conventional processes with local, high quality manufacture techniques in place. There is a good interview with Emily here to learn more.

3. The Style Council - Long Hot Summers The Story Of The Style Council. If you've got access to Sky Arts I'd recommend watching a new documentary that aired last weekend about Paul Weller and The Style Council. A great insight into the progression of the band, including clips and videos of styling during '83-'89.

4. The Iron Man and Survival Blankets for The Homeless. Making use of crisp packets, which are notoriously non-recyclable at this point in time and can take up to 80 years to decompose, a Frome based incentive has been setup to raise awareness for homelessness through the creation of survival blankets made from old crisp packets. You can either send your crisp packets to the project organisers or donate money via go fund me. It takes 150 crisp packets to make one blanket and the team hopes to get as many sent to them as possible by December 3rd. Go Fund me / Facebook

5. It's been a month since Gucci graced us with this new ad campaign featuring Iggy Pop, Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky which was directed by Harmony Korine and backed by the punchy disco track 'Supernature' by Cerrone. I'm not too interested in luxury fashion ad campaigns nowadays unless they're doing something particularly impressive so I'm really glad to see Gucci are having fun again and leading the way when it comes to light-hearted campaigns.

6. Last Monday I attended a free hour-long workshop with Plymouth College of Art at the Fab Lab as part of a new Smart Citizens programme that has been set up to help promote the learning of digital software in support of sustainable design and localised fabrication. For this session we were introduced to 3D printing scanning software which allows you to translate an object that already exists into digital format, to then be edited or printed again. I chose to scan a vintage earring from the '80s which was originally my mothers and unfortunately due to the material used I can only wear the pair for a short period of time before my skin reacts. I love the shell design which reflects the costume jewellery trends of the time and hope to have it recast at some point in a solid silver or coating material that is more hypo-allergenic. If you want to find out what other events are happening as part of the Smart Citizen programme here is the link.