1. Tender Stores Weavers Stock Shirt: More new arrivals from Tender have arrived at Always in Colour and as always attention to detail and manufacture give each design a unique charm that really gets you thinking about what it takes to bring a design to life. This Tender Weavers Stock Short Sleeved Square Shirt uses deadstock upholstery fabric from British weaving mills which has been constructed with a tight weave which has a subtle crinkle finish that gives the simple short sleeve summer silhouette a definitive character.


2. Patagonia SS20 ‘Regenerative Revolution’: I’ve been writing about a lot of new Patagonia SS20 products as well as a couple of features that has led me to learn more about the brands latest ‘Regenerative Revolution’ campaign which includes new t-shirts that have been labelled as ‘their lowest carbon emission styles to date’. Set to be their focus for the year, Patagonia has highlighted that fact that simply using recycled fabrics is not enough to balance out the continual taking of natural resources and energy, so a new focus (alongside the continuation of innovation in textiles) has been introduced that supports farmers who are making the transition from conventional farming to certified organic processes which will re-nourish the soil and ensure essential nutrients are returned, as opposed to solely taking without consideration of the ground being used again. This of course extends into the food industry as well as fashion. You can read more about their new campaign here.


3. Huit Denim Banana Jeans: These must be the first pair of jeans I’ve come across that have been woven from banana fibres. Made from a 11.5oz blend of 30% Banana fibre and 70% cotton woven by the Nihon Menpu Denim mill in Japan, Huit call these ‘the ultimate maverick jean’ and have a loose-fitting five-pocket design. Made in limited numbers as always, every size is sold out across the board so they’ve clearly been a real hit with anyone who is into their unusual blend that offers a high level of durability.


4. Describing themselves as ‘representing an authentic response to an era of change, a ‘surf’ stemmed movement that allows art, design and individuality to co-exist within a realm more commonly dominated by conformity and conversation’, Misift Shapes have a style that is distinctively ‘acid surf’ with a good dose of Aussie styling that reminds me of a combination of Wasted Talent and TCSS. Whilst I’m into their unisex styling what caught my eye initially was their ‘Mad Minds’ Advocates’ section which highlights some of their favorite surfers, skaters and creatives that you probably haven’t heard of.