1. In the non-spirit of the annual Black Friday (which now extends to a week or a month at least) why not fix something you already own? Francli Craftwear in Cornwall has a set a 'Black Friday Challenge' that encourages remake, rework, renewal so grab yer needles and get sewing. Some good inspiration to start is this playful patch on a pair of jeans by @coolstitches - a seamstress from Portugal who sells a lovely selection of sewing patterns. 

2. Vivacious Lady (1938). Did you know the BBC iplayer has a selection of Silver Screen Classics available for viewing for free? I didn't until this week! As my first experience of watching Ginger Rogers I can say that Vivacious Lady is now one of my favourite classic films with stunning styling throughout, innocent romance and witty humour. It also helps that James Stewart is one of my favourite actors. A great watch for a cosy evening.

3. “Retrospective Modernism: The notion of keeping one eye on the past, but the other firmly set to the future” - Scott Fraser Simpson. I'm unsure as to whether Scott created this quote himself or not, but it's a real cracker that perfectly describes my relationship with creativity and design. There are a few articles online that hint at the topic but they don't explain the connection to design quite like Scott has for the header of his vintage history focused blog. For anyone who doesn't know him, Scott Fraser Simpson is a British designer with his own label that specialises in vintage inspired pieces designed in London and made in Italy. Heavily inspired by the cuts of the 1940's and 1950's, modern twists and attention to conscious production makes his collections truly special and suit contemporary wear with all the original charm. He's also working on a photobook compiled of an archival collection of vintage menswear - yum!

4. Peep Eyewear makers of sustainable vintage eyewear. I stumbled across Peep via their blog which has some great old photos which is my no.1 thing to research and browse at the moment. Inspired by a range of eras, Peep offer a wide selection of vintage frames for reading glasses and sunglasses which not only saving frames from landfill by refurbishing and restoring glasses for a new lease of life but they also plant a tree for every pair sold! I've got my eyes on these 1970's Christian Dior amber sunnies.

5. Bye Trump! See ya! Artwork by Laurie Lee @laurieleestudio.

6. Alphabetics Anonymous. CHECK. OUT this gold foil. I've been helping Darn with marketing and had the pleasure of writing a short blog on Hana Sunny Whaler, a traditional sign painter based in South East London. I got lost in a good instagram stalk to find out more about her various projects and work and found this gorgeous glass ornament by the Alphabetics Anonymous collective who have opened up custom orders for Christmas. 

7. Textilepedia by Fashionary. I completely forgot about Fashionary (notebooks created especially for fashion students and designers) which I was introduced to during university until I came across their Textilepedia, an extensive textile dictionary that covers all essential fabric knowledge from different types of textile, fabric materials to finishing options. If you are a bit of a fabric nerd like I am who is trying to improve their knowledge it looks like a true essential with great visuals and thorough information on a range of textiles.