1. Have you heard? Open, St Agnes is giving away a few surfboard ever month for a year! On my wishlist is something along the lines of this egg, although more on the longboard side would also be appreciated, but regardless this white-orange resin tint has really got me dreaming.

2. Posted by @thinkingmu in celebration of International Day Against Climate Change ('aint that everyday though?) this bold graphic and colour combo really caught my attention. 

3. The Pearl Exchange. On Thursday 22nd October I was lucky enough to attend a super inspiring talk with Louise Middleton founder of Kudhva as part of the taster week for a new Bude, Cornwall based community project.

What is The Pearl Exchange? The Pearl Exchange offers a creative nurturing and collaborative environment for people to come and practice new creative enterprises, skills & initiatives. Helping you to develop interests that will instil confidence and hope for a more positive and fulfilling future.

As someone who is passionate about the South West UK and the many different locally run community based projects that are currently happening it was a real pleasure to experience what the team behind The Pearl Exchange have created, and even more of a treat to attend a group talk and actually have a discussion with multiple people in person! #2020. 

And if that wasn't enough Will from Temple joined us for a Q&A session which turned into an open and honest conversation between attendees about life stories, struggles and positive learning experiences. I left the event bursting with pride for those who have made Cornwall their home whilst working hard to provide positive solutions for the community. I followed it up with a swim the sea pool on Summerleaze Beach and dinner at Temple to find out what all the fuss is about, which of course is all valid with locally sourced seasonal Cornish ingredients at the heart of every meal. 

A big thankyou to everyone I met that day for reigniting a spark of energy and excitement in me. 

4. We Do Pop Up Store, Totnes, Devon from 26th October. 
WE DO. Curated by @of.mont, @cassagazzipaintingsetc and @luciecast alongside many wonderful women at @studioninetotnes. As a marvellous f**k you to that memorable government ad campaign that was recently released as a suggestion that those in non tech jobs should have a rethink (ironically created by a team of creatives) my friends have organised a pop up store in Totnes that opens from tomorrow inspired by a collective of women who create and do - we think, we skill, we boot! The push back against the idea that that creativity is not so important has been immense, and rightly so!

5. The world's first in-store recycling system is now installed at H&M in Stockholm. I have an odd relationship with the H&M empire, on one hand you can't blame them for trying and leading the way in terms of high street sustainable awareness whilst trying to adapt large scale production, but then on the other hand you can blame them for continuing to produce millions of consumer goods a year and encouraging fast fashion behaviour. What has been interesting to discover though is the installation of the first in-store recycling system in their Stockholm store called 'Looop'. Promoting the 'recycling' revolution I give kudos for introducing new technology and furthering the education of those who may not already be aware of positive incentives, however it did remind myself a phrase I recently saw on LinkedIn of 'we can't consume our way out of the climate crisis'. If customers know they can just recycle one thing after a few wears, will their connection to what they own diminish further? You can read more about the new system here

6. The Wasted Talent La Première Collection. The first collection designed by the Hossegor, France based team which as they have put it, offers discreet luxury 'designed by us, for you.' Made in Italy using premium fabrics, suave as f**k is the phrase that comes to mind. Pictured here is the Siena Mackintosh which has been made with a Loro Piana storm fabric, the best natural water and wind repellent fabric from Italy’s leading luxury fabric house. A modern take on the traditional mac, a timeless silhouette built to last, hand made in Italy.  Now the ladies collection, ey.

7. One of my favourite websites to browse Photo Obscura has released a new Halloween based photo collection available for purchase. Hand picked vintage photographs for all to enjoy, this flasher one has made me chuckle over the last couple of weeks.