Bee-centered Beekeeping With

Emily Reed

Once a week from 6th Feb - 3rd April I attended the Bee-Centered Beekeeping Course with Emily Reed at Dartington in the Craft Revolution building. We learn the basics about bees, bee health and how they develop and change their habits throughout the seasons. The focus was on using warre hives and leaving the bees to do their thing, without too much interference. Inspired by my grandparents who once kept bees when they lived just out side of London - and my surname, of course - I was interested in learning about how much impact us taking the honey has, different techniques and methods of keeping bees, plus how we can help to keep the population healthy. We learnt all of this and more through videos, hands-on workshops and group discussions. We were also lucky to have a tasting session which taught us of how much difference there is in flavor depending on location and the flora that surrounds each colony. I hope to one day own a set of hives, but the course also taught me of how much time, effort and care goes into keeping bees. Lots more learning ahead!


Following on from the workshops ending, I was invited to visit Emily’s bees a little later in the year which she keeps near Salcombe, Devon. Her colony has a lovely view over the estuary and are left to do their thing with a bit of help every now and then.


Thank you so much to Emily for her time, knowledge and energy!