An Update - October 2020

It's been a while. I've been watching and listening and mulling and reviewing all the things going on in the world from my own space this year. Switching between exhaustion and irritancy to hope and restlessness. With the amount of information available to read and monitor daily, it can feel pretty overwhelming and even when we weren't all trying to get through a global pandemic it takes a certain level of self awareness to regularly check in on how much you are taking in, consciously and unconsciously. Perhaps the biggest and most noticeable change that is happening at the moment is the amount of people who have opened their eyes and ears to the revolution that is currently taking place, which is offering an opportunity for a greater sense of power to be nurtured within our local and global communities by how we communicate with one another, how we choose to move forward and what we choose to support. We all have a voice and the ability to have impact whether we approach this through vocal or visual methods. There is a power and awe behind 2020 that has been a rude awakening for some and long awaited for others.

With this in mind I hope to celebrate more of the positivity that is happening in the world via my online platform/s, and to anyone I have the pleasure of being able to hold an in-person conversation with during this time. I don't know about you but I'm pretty over mainstream news sources. Fear based, one sided and no mention of anything hopeful - no thankyou. We're all doing the best that we can, each in unique situations and points in our lives where plans have been put on hold and a need to take each week at a time has become necessary. It has made some of us more mindful and present, others muddled and lost. What I have personally found though is a deeper appreciation for the time we are able to spend with one another, any chance of being outside within nature, the small daily feats we achieve and to have greater compassion for others.

Like many I have had a fair bit of time to review what matters most to me this year whilst working from home and where I would like to see the most dramatic shifts in culture, which I'm pleased to say are already happening and gaining greater momentum. From a design-curious perspective, maybe it's my increased time spent on Instagram nowadays (something I'm practising to reduce) but I'm finding that independent makers and smaller scale brands are taking the industry by storm at the moment with their ability to react and adapt quicker than larger corporations, offering responsive solutions to our everyday lives with of course a focus on longevity, more considerate production and with a mindfulness to their local community that can only be applauded and cheered. A new and much needed system of giving through visual and purposeful design, and then giving a little more to those in need. On a more personal note I have taken time to review what I would like to offer in regards to creative services and have added a relevant tag to the main website header above. Where I find most reward is helping those as I have mentioned above who have an idea but aren't sure how to present themselves, anyone who is struggling with the work load as a solo maker or established brands that need assistance in progressing their digital presence. I believe in supporting those who are working hard to make a difference through their ideas and designs, whether it's by encouraging someone to walk with a little more flare through a well-cut staple jacket, locally made footwear that showcases the beauty and use in off cut materials or a candle company operating through a circular re-use system. I am excited for the future of design, creative communities and environmental awareness and want to help bring it into the present, cheering and whooping as I do it.

I do believe the greatest power this year is in the people and above all else 2020 is presenting to us the impact we can have as an international community, an impact that starts small and gets bigger and bigger until it can't be ignored. I've got plenty more to say but I'll save it for future posts as my ability to blab has increased ten fold this year due to lack of social situations... let's end on the fact that there is plenty of good stuff happening, it can just take some digging to find the gold.

As one of my favourite phrases associated with circular economy thinking - think big, start small.

Usually I save my cheesy quotes for a hidden personal folder, but during this time of inspiration and peak annoyance with governments and incompetent leaders, let's add one into the mix for all to enjoy... Heck, let's throw in this inspiration '80s tune for extra impact.