Chroma Yoga, Shoreditch, London

I took advantage of being in London for a days - whirlwind trip of seeing Drake at the o2 with friends before flying to Gijón with the AYCH project - to attend a Chroma Yoga class. Different to anything I feel is available at the moment in the South West, I’m really interested in the effect light and colour has on emotions and wellbeing, which is the fuel behind founder Nina Ryner opening the studio, in addition to scent and sound. Interesting, I attended a Barry’s Boot Camp session in Canary Wharf the next morning which was the complete opposite, although worked on the same basis, with infrared lighting and loud trap music which I found totally overwhelming and not at all what I was in need of, sorry Barry! A world away from the busy streets outside, a true cliche for any London yoga studio I’m sure, the RESET hour long class was taken by Roberto and seemed to fly by whilst being totally immersive. I could have happily stayed all day and gone really in depth. It helped to be within an enclosed space, to block out any outside noise. I’d love to have something similar - or a pop up - closer to home, until then I’ll have to find excuses to go and find a way to continue the inner peace onto the busy streets. (images taken from Chroma Yoga - tried to leave my phone out the session)