A personal research project I began in 2016. I sought to promote a selection of independent designers working to low scale production with sustainability in mind.
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hola@palomawool.com - palomawool.com - @palomawool

FOUNDER: Paloma Lanna
BASED: Barcelona, Spain
PRODUCTION: Only 50 pieces of each item “proudly made in Barcelona”, sweatshirts made in Portgual

PALOMA WOOL is a womenswear company based, designed and produced in Barcelona, Spain. PALOMA LANNA, the founder, photographer and designer describes her company as a project about getting dressed, more so, about the space or ideas that are created around getting dressed; hence the wholesome feeling between the clothing, set design and analogue photography.  Those who are interested in buying local and almost handmade pieces will be pleased to know that each item only has a production run of 50 pieces, making every one even more special. Paloma does not believe in the fashion industry’s seasonal timings, so keep an eye on the website for updates of new designs. 


info@loq.us - www.loq.us - @loq

FOUNDER: Keren Longkumer &  Valerie Quant
BASED: Los Angeles, USA
PRODUCTION: Designed in L.A, made in Spain

LOQ fuses California’s relaxed sensibility with the rich colors and textures of India. The duo founded LOQ in 2015. The intention is to redefine classics for the modern day woman. “We want our LOQ girl to feel like they are wearing something that defines their style – timelessly chic and confident with an effortless touch”

LISA SAYS GAH recently interviewed the duo, a great read. 


enquiries@oballou.com oballou.com - @o.ballou

FOUNDER: Simon Cato 
BASED: Firenze, Italy
PRODUCTION: Specialists in 100% cashmere pieces, all produced in Italy 

“Our knitwear is produced just outside the historic centre of Florence and is distinguished by its exceptional softness and durability. The region of Tuscany has a rich history and tradition in the manufacturing of cashmere garments. The highest quality is obtained through innovative machinery, technical knowledge and a commitment to handcraft. We also work with other luxurious yarns such as linen, silk and organic cotton, sourced exclusively from Italy’s oldest and most respected mills.”

If this doesn’t sound tasty enough without images, you should take a look at O.BALLOU’s small collection of powerful lookbooks. The company has just released their S/S 2016 collection featuring Japanese jersey and Italian linens, but it’s their S/S 2015 collection and lookbook that I’m particularly drawn to. The company’s passion for Italy and tailoring create the dreamiest menswear looks and fortunately for us women we can steal the pieces off our friends and partners.

See gentrynyc.com who stock their pieces and present O.BALLOU in a cleaner more minimal way, a little bit 1990s in my eyes too.